Studies on why brilliant people mostly alone


In every walk of life, always only a few people get to the top. It is very common that top students prefer to stay alone and perform better when they are doing it on their own. People claimed that highly brilliant people tend to feel lower satisfaction of life when they interact with their friends. Brilliant people also easily can solve problems when they work in team. They find their own ways to solve problems instead of following other people instructions.

Average people tend to be happier when they can work with people because it is the way how the learn on how to solve problems. While brilliant people feel happier to work alone because they do not need to follow the pace of average people.

Connection of brilliance, population, happiness and friendship

The studies conclude to a conclusion that after analyzing a group of people from age of 18 until 28 that the data shown that people would be unhappy in crowded, but if interacting with small group of people will make human more comfortable and happier unless if they are very brilliant. This is not a shocking news to us on why people find it is more calming for them if they are in a unvisited places.

 Happiness is uncountable. But we can collect data from every situation that is affecting the uncountable things. Highly brilliant people mostly will interact to other people when it comes to studies or work. People will find their own way to solve problems. Have we noticed sometimes we can’t understand that we struggle to understand what brilliant people trying to tell us. I believe it ever happened before.

Modern world effect social life

 It is normal when people do groupwork ends up doing the work by their own mostly. A lot of times that we can’t catch up on other people because people will desire to be more successful. Development can’t wait. Everyone might leave others behind to do their work better. Slowly it will make them become more intelligent. Studies also stated that mostly brilliant people will have unique references and values that ancestors did not have. While it’s very common that humans to find more friends, but brilliant people prefer to find less friends. This study makes people curious on why everyone has their own way to deal with people. Their unique ways to find their strength will take effect on the people and the development. This world will have a lot of productive humans that can easily solve any obstacles and challenges. More brilliant and educated people will analyze every detail. 


 The conclusion is everyone will have their own way to find their own happiness. This research might not be relatable, but it is something that we have concluded from our life. If you like have a lot of friends does not mean you’re not highly brilliant. If you like to be alone does not mean you are highly brilliant as well. A lot of researches and curiosity will make people learn every possible unique trait. 

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