MySQL Cheat Sheet

Login (terminal):mysql -u[username/root] -p[password] -h[host/localhost]Show Databases:SHOW DATABASES;Create Database:CREATE [database_name]Select Database:USE [database_name];Delete Database:DROP [database_name];Create Table: CREATE TABLE [table_name](id INT AUTO_INCREMENT,first_name VARCHAR(100),last_name VARCHAR(100),email VARCHAR(50),password VARCHAR(20),location VARCHAR(100),dept VARCHAR(100),is_admin TINYINT(1),register_date DATETIME,PRIMARY KEY(id)); Show Tables:SHOW TABLES; Delete Table:DROP TABLE [table_name]; Insert Record (One row):INSERT INTO users (first_name, last_name, email, password, location, dept, is_admin, register_date) values (‘Brad’, ‘Traversy’, ‘[email protected]’, ‘123456’,’Massachusetts’, ‘development’, …

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Cloud Computing

Last month we published an article on cloud storage. Today we are going to discuss about cloud computing, a relevantly newer concept which was first deployed by Amazon in 2006. Note here, by cloud computing we are mentioning the only on demand computing power (excluding cloud storage). Although cloud storage is also a form of cloud  …

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